About us


H.G. Arias and Associates is a leading technical and executive search firm with offices in El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Founded by Hossana Gallegos, an industrial engineer with over 20 years of manufacturing and recruiting experience, the company was first established as A&A Employment agency in 2000. In 2005, the agency evolved into H.G. Arias & Associates, LP. The group has created employment partnerships with companies in the U.S. and Mexico since 1995.

The H.G. Arias & Associates team has over 75 years of combined executive search and leadership development experience focused on manufacturing functions. They specialize in the placement of executive, technical, light industrial and clerical personnel in the manufacturing industry. The recruiting team discerns the marketplace in search of the most respected employers, associates and work environments.

Beliefs & Culture

H.G. Arias & Associates believes success is more satisfying and stable when built on honesty, integrity and community responsibility. They understand the personal guiding values of candidates and client leaders, and skillfully match individuals that will build cohesive teams.

Their clients and associates recognize and appreciate their superior quality and service standards. H.G. Arias & Associates is committed in providing reliable, flexible, pre-screened associates  to meet their clients’ needs.

Different from the Rest

H.G. Arias & Associates is a member of Top Echelon Network, Inc., the largest and most extensive network of independently owned executive and technical recruiting firms. They are also proud members of the Texas Recruiters Association, the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce, The El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Juarez Maquiladora Association (INDEX), the National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC), the American Staffing Association (ASA) and the Better Business Bureau.

Headquartered in El Paso, Texas, H.G. Arias & Associates is the leader in searching and placing the best of the best for various industries. With experience in international business, H.G. Arias & Associates, LP works both internationally and nationwide to place the best candidates for our world-class clients.


H.G. Arias has a team of full-time recruiting specialists. Our recruiters have expertise in all areas of staffing, including professional and executive, nursing services, medical ancillary services, medical support services, clerical, technical, human resources, accounting, and light industrial.

Our recruiting specialists participate in ongoing training, so they are ahead of the curve on best practices for staffing and customer service satisfaction.

Their expertise in this area has been especially helpful in job markets where the demand for professional and well-qualified candidates is high, while supply is scarce. Due to these challenging conditions, H.G. Arias & Associates, LP took a proactive approach to recruitment, to secure the most ideal prospective for any given position.

H.G. Arias is committed to developing alternative methods of finding great candidates.

Digital and Community Outreach

When not in their headquarters, you may spot them at local community colleges, churches, the Employment Development Department, community centers, and job fairs getting the word out about their services. They have partnerships with companies that are downsizing and using our services to keep their loyal and valued employees in the workforce. This is just part of H.G. Arias’ innovative recruitment program.

Our website also shows the commitment to a high standard of customer experience and satisfaction. Users and prospective customers can browse various job openings, contact their recruiter and join our extensive resume database right from the website.

H.G. Arias & Associates took a digital leap in rebranding and synergizing their social media channels to support the mission of the recruiting team. The business Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts all reflect their core values: celebrating partnerships within the El Paso business community and getting the right person to the right job.